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Since you're using the plain bibliography style, you could use either the type @unpublished or the catch-all type @misc. For either type, use the note field to provide URL and similar information. Which bibliography style you should (or must) use depends importantly on the style guidelines of the journal or outfit you wish to submit your paper to Zuerst erstellen wir eine beispielhafte BibTeX-Datei, hier verzeichnis1.bib: @UNPUBLISHED{bibtex.a, author = Oren Patashnik, title = {{\BibTeX}ing}, note = Documentation for general {\BibTeX} users, month = 8$^{th}$~ # feb, language = USenglish, year = 1988, } sowie die dazugehörige LaTeX-Datei bibspiel1.tex

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unpublished A document having an author and title, but not formally published. Required fields: author, title, note. Optional fields: month, year. ∗Taken from the BibTEX documentation written by Oran Patashnik, with a few alterations. BibTeX entry Description howpublished field; article: Journal article book: Book booklet: Printed work without a publisher: optional: inbook: Any section in a book incollection: A titled section of a book inproceedings: Conference paper manual: Manual mastersthesis: Master's thesis misc: Miscellaneous: if nothing else fits: optional: phdthesis: PhD thesis

BibTeX ist ein Programm zur Erstellung von Literaturangaben und -verzeichnissen in TeX- oder LaTeX-Dokumenten, entwickelt 1985 von Oren Patashnik und Leslie Lamport in WEB/Pascal. Nach der Version 0.99c vom Februar 1988 stagnierte die Entwicklung für 22 Jahre. Mit der Version 0.99d wurde im März 2010 eine Weiterentwicklung angekündigt. Das zugehörige textuelle Dateiformat wird mittlerweile von vielen Bibliothekskatalogen und Literaturverwaltungsprogrammen als Austauschformat angeboten BibTeX entries. @unpublished {GSW18. author = S.N.Gomes and A.M.Stuart and M-T.Wolfram, title = Parameter Estimation for Macroscopic Pedestrian Dynamics Models from Microscopic Data, note = submitted, } @unpublished {KS2018 Soweit ich sehen kann, geben biblatex-apa und biblatex-apa6 beide bei @unpublished das Feld type nicht aus. Du kannst stattdessen howpublished verwenden, das passt zwar semantisch vielleicht nicht ganz so gut wie type, sollte aber von der Ausgabe ganz gut hinhauen BibTeX Templates RSI 2012 Sta 2012 Here are the templates you should use in your biblio.bib le. See below for what these will look like in your references section. In the main body of your paper, you should cite references by using ncitefkeyg where key is the name you gave the bibliography entry. Each entry must have a unique key. Article [1

Citing Forthcoming Articles with BibTeX. January 19, 2013. I've often wondered if there was a proper way to cite forthcoming papers in BibTeX. It's possible, of course, using the @Unpublished entry type, but in cases where the name of the journal is known, I'd prefer to use @Article instead. The problem is that you can't simply put strings such as forthcoming or in press. BibTeX Style Examples. @article {article, author = {Peter Adams}, title = {The title of the work}, journal = {The name of the journal}, year = 1993, number = 2, pages = {201-213}, month = 7, note = {An optional note}, volume = 4 } @book {book, author = {Peter Babington}, title = {The title of the work}, publisher = {The name of the. Biblatex allows high customization of the bibliography section with little effort. It was mentioned that several unpublished custom: conference: electronic masterthesis: phdthesis: techreport Supported entry fields (The printed information depends on the bibliography style) abstract: afterword: annotation: annotator author : authortype: bookauthor: bookpagination booksubtitle: booktitle. Ob der Zusatz unpublished erscheinen soll oder nicht, geht aus den Richtlinien leider nicht hervor. Meine Empfehlung wäre, Sie orientieren sich an einem Artikel der Zeitschrift oder kontaktieren den Verlag

BibTeX is reference management software for formatting lists of references. The month of publication (or, if unpublished, the month of creation) note Miscellaneous extra information number The (issue) number of a journal, magazine, or tech-report, if applicable. Note that this is not the article number assigned by some journals. organization The conference sponsor pages Page numbers. BibTeX bibliography style: unsrt. The unsrt (unsorted) BibTeX style is one of the four standard bibliography styles in BibTeX. Download. CTAN » tex-archive » biblio » bibtex » base » unsrt.bst. Usag

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  1. BibTeX generic citatio... Popular Styles Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition (full note) Unpublished, found directly online (most common) Found online but originally in print Found in an online journal: Source was: Originally in print (non-periodical) Originally in a journal: Thesis title : Location / university: Year given: Contributors: First. MI / Middle. Last / corp. Suffix. Remove.
  2. e to 3000) use \include{file.tex} to include an external file split the field into field1.
  3. BibTex. Optimal Spatial Taxation: Are Big Cities too Small? J. Eeckhout, N. Guner R&R Journal of the European Economic Association BibTex · presentation. Stochastic Sorting H. Chade, J. Eeckhout BibTex · presentation. Green Urbanization J. Eeckhout, C. Hedtrich R&R PLOS One BibTex. UNPUBLISHED. Assortative Learning J. Eeckhout, X. Weng BibTex. Efficient Job Allocation M. Coles, J. Eeckhout.
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BibTeX Introduction This is the first draft of this document. The month in which the work was published or, for an unpublished work, in which it was written. You should use the standard three-letter abbreviation, as described in Appendix B.1.3 of the LaTeX book. note Any additional information that can help the reader. The first word should be capitalized. number The number of a journal. I'd assume it exports to @unpublished for bibtex because there's no better standard bibtex item type. But if you're using CSL of any form, why would you use bibtex? Why not CSL JSON for pandoc, for example? John_muccigrosso. March 5, 2016. Ignorance, apparently. I'm writing in markdown and using pandoc. The csl is fold-and-r. What's the advantage of json? adamsmith. March 5, 2016. that you. But when I cite it in my paper, I keep getting Unpublished doctoral dissertation showing up in the entry. As far as I can tell there's no field to specify publishing information, so how do I get rid of this message? 3 comments . share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 3 years ago. Which. However, as Bibtex is the most important part, much to my disappointment I cannot use Mendeley until the syncing with Bibtex is fixed. Mendeley doesn't have an Unpublished document type. This is essential for anyone working in the area of physics where arxiv.org references require the Unpublished type. (Vast majority of physicists, use LaTeX + Bibtex for papers). This has been listed. Bei BibTeX spricht man von einer Literaturdatenbank. Da die Literaturdatenbank in einer separaten Datei gespeichert ist, kann sie besser transportiert und wiederverwendet werden. Es werden nur Einträge in das kompilierte Literaturverzeichnis übernommen, auf die auch im Text referenziert wurde, oder die durch den Befehl \nocite{key} erzwungen werden. Möchte man alle in der .bib-Datei.

BibTeX field: year How to use the year field in BibTeX? The year field is used to store the year the work was published or in the case of an unpublished article the year it was written. Additionally, there is the standard BibTeX field month and the non-standard field day to store a date in more detail Unpublished squibs and manuscripts. Jeong, Sunwoo. 2015. The Effect of prosody and speaker voice information on the interpretation of hyperbole. Second Qualifying Paper, Stanford University. [Draft available upon request] Jeong, Sunwoo. 2014. A Metrical Analysis of Quatrains in Emily Dickinson's Poems. Manuscript, Stanford University Bibtex: @inproceedings{DY20, author = {Dunlop, @unpublished{DY20, author = {Dunlop, Matthew M. and Yang, Yunan }, title = {{Stability of Gibbs posteriors from the Wasserstein loss for Bayesian Full Waveform Inversion}}, year = {2020}, note = {submitted},} × . Reconciling Bayesian and perimeter regularization for binary inversion Bibtex: @article{DDEHS20, author = {Dunbar, Oliver R. A. and. How-to series: How to keep references and documents unpublished (out of catalog) [part 7 of 12] April 16, 2012 Ricardo Vidal 1 Comment As you probably know that, whenever you add a document to your Mendeley library, the document details for that entry are aggregated into our Mendeley databases so as to allow you to easily synchronize your library across multiple platforms Your BibTeX resource. Here you will find everything you need to know about BibTeX. The word BibTeX'' stands for a tool and a file format which are used to describe and process lists of references, mostly in conjunction with LaTeX documents. Here you can learn about the BibTeX File Format, How to use BibTeX and BibTeX Tools which can help you to ease your BibTeX usage

2020 [33] Higher-order Logic as Lingua Franca -- Integrating Argumentative Discourse and Deep Logical Analysis (David Fuenmayor, Christoph Benzmüller), 2020.(arXiv. BibTeX-Dateien benötigen Sie, wenn Sie Ihre Publikationen mit TeX erstellen. Sie können BibTeX-Dateien auch verwenden, um Ihre Literaturdaten mit den Anwendern anderer Programme auszutauschen. Wichtig. Wenn Sie die BibTeX-Datei mit einem LaTeX-Dokument verwenden möchten, stellen Sie sicher, dass unter Extras > Optionen > Allgemein die Option TeX-Unterstützung einschalten aktiviert ist. Until then, please use the following BiBTeX for citation: @unpublished{rounDdataset, title={The rounD Dataset: A Drone Dataset of Road User Trajectories at Roundabouts in Germany}, author={Krajewski, Robert and Moers, Tobias and Bock, Julian and Vater, Lennart and Eckstein, Lutz}, note={submitted}} Terms and Conditions. This dataset is made freely available to academic and non-academic.

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BibTeX @MISC{Heller_unpublished,private, author = {A. Heller}, title = {unpublished, private communication}, year = {}} Share. OpenURL . Abstract. category of groups. One of the objects of this paper is to prove a similar equivalence for the connected CW-complexes X whose homotopy groups are trivial for i> n + 1 (where n is a fixed non-negative integer). For n = 1 the notion of crossed module. Ferran Marqués received a degree on Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain, in 1988. From 1989 to 1990, he joined the Digital Image Sequence Processing and Coding Group at the Signal Processing lab. of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). In June 1990, he joined the Department of Signal Theory and Communications of the Technical. Paper Website Code bibtex @article{JMLR:v22:20-451, author = {R\'emi Flamary and Nicolas Courty and Alexandre Gramfort and Mokhtar Z. Alaya and Aur\'elie Boisbunon and Stanislas Chambon and Laetitia Chapel and Adrien Corenflos and Kilian Fatras and Nemo Fournier and L\'eo Gautheron and Nathalie T.H. Gayraud and Hicham Janati and Alain Rakotomamonjy and Ievgen Redko and Antoine Rolet and Antony. Exportieren nach BibTeX; Exportieren nach RIS; Exportieren nach CSL-JSON ; Zu den Favoriten; In die Zwischenablage Aus der Zwischenablage entfernen. New and unpublished Linear A and Linear B inscriptions from Khania . Gespeichert in: 1. Verfasser: Andreadaki-Blasaki, Maria. Weitere Verfasser: Hallager, Erik. Ort/Verlag/Jahr: Athens : Århus : Danish Institute at Athens ; Distributed by Aarhus. The AAS Journal's BibTeX style file, aasjournal.bst, Private communications, unpublished works, and articles in preparation should be cited only in the run of text, giving authors' initials and the year if completion is imminent, that is F. Carlon et al. (2009, in preparation). Reference List Style. Format. All sources cited in the text and tables must appear in the reference list at.

map the BibTeX unpublished publication type to a RIS type: nsf_xyz (none) You can specify an unlimited number of these entries to map non-standard BibTeX fields to RIS tags. The BibTeX field name in this variable has to be in lowercase, regardless of the case in your input data (bib2ris treats field names as case-insensitive). The two-letter RIS tag has to be in uppercase. E.g. to map your. Bibtex normally does a good job in arranging references in the appropriate order (alphabetically by author, then chronologically); however, unpublished items that do not have a year listed may get placed before items by the same author published earlier @unpublished Unpublished. BibTEX elds address Address of publisher. Not necessary for major publishers. author Names of authors, of format. booktitle Title of book when part of it is cited. chapter Chapter or section number. edition Edition of a book. editor Names of editors. institution Sponsoring institution of tech. report. journal Journal name. key Used for cross ref. when no author. New and unpublished Linear A and Linear B inscriptions from Khania von: Andreadaki-Blasaki, Maria. Three New LinearA and B Tablets from Khania. von: Andreadaki-Blasaki, Maria. Ort/Verlag/Jahr: (2014) LM IB pottery in Khania. von: Andreadaki-Blasaki, Maria. Ort/Verlag/Jahr: (2011 BibTeX format. From semantic-mediawiki.org. The result format bibtex, part of extension Semantic Result Formats Provides additional formats for semantic queries, is used to produce links for downloading data from a wiki in BibTeX format. It is a special format for data export and therefore properties must use known labels to specify how the wiki data relates to the BibTeX format

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@unpublished Unpublished. BibTEX elds address Address of publisher. Not necessary for major publish-ers. author Names of authors, of format. booktitle Title of book when part of it is cited. chapter Chapter or section number. edition Edition of a book. editor Names of editors. institution Sponsoring institution of tech. report. journal Journal name. key Used for cross ref. when no author. BibTeX @article{caron2012samplinh, title = {On the sampling distribution of an l2 norm of the Empirical Distribution Function, with applications to two-sample nonparametric testing}, author = {Caron, Francois and Holmes, Chris C. and Rio, Emmanuel}, year = {2012} BibTeX can format your references in any style you want. The citations will be consistent with the references (you won't ever have Arrow (1963) in the text and Arrow (1964) in the references). There will be a one-to-one relation between the items you cite and the items in the references. How to use BibTeX

Transpile trained scikit-learn estimators to C, Java, JavaScript and others. - nok/sklearn-porte pandoc-citeproc will look for the following metadata fields in the input. (For details on how to set metadata fields in pandoc's markdown, see the pandoc (1) man page under --metadata, --metadata-file, and Extension: yaml_metadata_block.). bibliography: A path, or YAML list of paths, of bibliography files to use.These may be in any of the formats supported by bibutils Unpublished refers to any information source that is not officially released by an individual, publishing house, or other company, and can include both paper and electronic sources. Some examples of unpublished sources may include manuscripts accepted for publication but still in-press, data from an unpublished study, letters, manuscripts in preparation, memos, personal communications. Title. Plantae Asiaticae rariores, or, Descriptions and figures of a select number of unpublished East Indian plants . Title Variants. Abbreviated: Pl. Asiat. Rar

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Leonard Hasenclever, Stefan Webb, Thibaut Lienart, Sebastian Vollmer, Balaji Lakshminarayanan, Charles Blundell, Yee Whye Teh, Distributed Bayesian Learning with Stochastic Natural Gradient Expectation Propagation and the Posterior Server, Journal of Machine Learning Research, vol. 18, no. 106, pp. 1-37, 2017 For a talk, an unpublished conference paper, or a poster presentation, use the biblatex entry type unpublished with an eventtitle field (this entry type will be mapped to CSL speech). Use the biblatex type field to indicate the type, e.g. Paper, or Poster. venue and eventdate may be useful too, though eventdate will not be rendered by most CSL styles. Note that venue is for the event's. Staff: Prof. Dr. Andrea Barth, Head of Group, Research Group for Computational Methods for Uncertainty Quantification, Institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation, University of Stuttgar Generate BibTeX files for your collections for use in LaTeX; How to check for duplicate entries and merging; How to copy & paste formatted citations anywhere (LaTeX too!) How to add supplementary data to references; How to keep references and documents unpublished (out of catalog) How to export your annotations (alone or with your PDF) How to merge contiguous citations with word plugin. How to. Recent Publications Dadi, K., Varoquaux, G., Houenou, J., Bzdok, D., Thirion, B. and Engemann, D. (2020).Beyond brain age: Empirically-derived proxy measures of.

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It will detect if bibtex, makeindex, or makeglossary, and if minted is used, -shell-escape will automatically be used with pdflatex. The function `ox-manuscript-latex-pdf-process' handles all of that. Additionally, you can generate different outputs of an org-file: `ox-manuscript-build-submission-manuscript-and-open' creates a standalone tex file with embedded bibliography, and image. unpublished entry. A document with an author and title, but not formally published. Format: @UNPUBLISHED{citation_key, required_fields [, optional_fields] LaTeX forum ⇒ BibTeX, biblatex and biber ⇒ unpublished apalike. Information and discussion about BiBTeX - the bibliography tool for LaTeX documents. 2 posts • Page 1 of 1. xbender Posts: 9 Joined: Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:39 pm. unpublished apalike. Post by xbender » Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:39 am . Hello, Im using apalike style for bibliography and Im having hard time with @unpublished label for. Bibtex is a program that applies the same philosophy to bibliographies. In bibtex, bibliography entries are specified by providing values for fields such as author, title, volume, etc., without regard to the formatting of these items. The formatting is determined by a bibliography style, which plays the same role as the document class in LaTeX However, while there is an option to sync with BibTeX, it doesn't work properly. Mendeley has not yet managed to correctly map each of the BibTeX fields and article types (eg. Unpublished type doesn't even exist in Mendeley). I would really love to use Mendeley but until BibTeX actually works properly I can't

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My BibTex file will not load into RMS. A couple of common errors to check if your BibTex file will not load into RMS: Remove the '@String' entries from the start of the file; Month must appear as a three character abbreviation: for example month = December must be in the format month = dec; There are many sources for creating BibTex files so it is not possible to provide a full list of. Trying to get BibTeX to extract the title for you, by means of a LateX command, is possible, but it would require that you. Design a new format for bibliography items that is incompatible with existing formats. Write your own custom .bst file, using the very strange postfix language that is used only by BibTeX, to be compatible with your new format. Write a new LaTeX command to pull the title. We strongly encourage you to include arXiv's YYMM.NNNNN, identifiers in your reference list for both published and unpublished papers. Note also that many publishers allow e-print identifiers to appear in the references of papers submitted. If you use standard identifiers of the form 1510.00322, arXiv:1510.00322, 0901.0512, arXiv:0901.0512, hep-ph/9409201 or arXiv:hep-ph/9409201, they can be. Unpublished, August 2014; Orchestration and Atomicity hdl BibTeX David Kitchin Ph.D. dissertation, The University of Texas at Austin, August 2013; A Timed semantics of Orc DOI BibTeX Ian Wehrman, David Kitchin, William R. Cook, and Jayadev Misra Theoretical Computer Science, August 2008; Properties of the Timed Operational and Denotational Semantics of Orc BibTeX Ian Wehrman, David Kitchin.

A database is possible with BibTeX program supplied by LaTeX. The information about the various publications is stored in one or more files with the extension of .bib. For each publication there is a cite_key that identifies it, which may be used in the text to refer to it. This kind of file is called a bibliography database. Bibliography Database You can use one or more databases to construct. 2020. Marcelo de Matos Menezes, Salles Viana Gomes de Magalhães, Matheus Aguilar, W. Randolph Franklin, and Bruno Coelho. Employing GPU s to accelerate exact geometric predicates for 3D geospatial processing. In John Krumm, editor, 2nd ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Spatial Gems (SpatialGems 2020).ACM, nov 2020

FZF_BIBTEX_SOURCES: path to bibtex file; multiple items separated by a ':' The cache directory should be a suitable directory for bibtex-ls temporary files. Parsing BibTeX databases is computationally intensive, so the command caches the results. The cache is updated if the underlying BibTeX file has been changed. If no cache directory is. World Health Organization. Division of Vector Biology and Control. (‎1988)‎. Niclosamide. World Health Organization. https://apps.who.int/iris/handle/10665/5989 Deep Learning Book English Version Chinese Version. MIT Deep Learning Book in PDF format. This book was downloaded in HTML form and conviniently joined as a single PDF file for your enjoyment @unpublished author, title, note month, year @misc at least one of the optional elds author, title, howpublished, year, month,note @manual title author, organization, year, address, edition, month, note @proceedings title, year editor, volume, series,... Further entry types: @incollection, @mastersthesis, @inproceedings, @techreport M. Hellmund (Leipzig) BibTEX 15 / 19. I Strings (in. At the end of 2011, China's Great Firewall (GFW) began to block unpublished Tor bridges. Past studies of this blocking have found that the firewall implements both deep packet inspection (DPI) and active probing in order to identify and block usage of the Tor protocol. We build upon the information from previous studies conducted in 2012 and 2015, using a vantage point in China, and bridge.

BibTeX; EndNote; APA; Chicago; DIN 1505; Harvard; MSOffice XML; Was spricht für die Einführung eines bedingungslos gezahlten, ausreichenden Grundeinkommens? M. Franzmann. (2004)Vortrag auf dem 2. Treffen des Netzwerk Grundeinkommen im Workshop Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen? im Rahmen der Konferenz Zukunft der Gerechtigkeit der Heinrich Böll-Stiftung, Berlin, 11.-12. Dezember. cite a BibTeX reference in the .tex le. We use the image in Figure 1 to show how references from a Mendeley library le (calledlibrary.bib) is included in 20 the text of an example LaTeX le (.tex) [1]. Figure 1: Dummy text with two citations from a Mendeley library.bib le to illustrate the use of references in LaTeX [1]. The illustration includes dummy text wherein the reader can see two. BibTeX @article{siegel2019gamified, title={A gamified simulator and physical platform for self-driving algorithm training and validation}, author={Siegel, Joshua E and Pappas, Georgios and Politopoulos, Konstantinos and Sun, Yongbin}, journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1911.07759}, year={2019 Pages 819-862 from Volume 170 (2009), Issue 2 by Daniel A. Goldston, János Pintz, Cem Y. Yíldírí

BibTeX; EndNote; APA; Chicago; DIN 1505; Harvard; MSOffice XML; Are Multilevel Techniques Necessary?: An overview, including Simulation Studies. I. Kreft. (June 1996)Unpublished Manuscript. Links and resources BibTeX key: kreft96 search on: Google Scholar Microsoft Bing WorldCat BASE. Comments and Reviews (0) There is no review or comment yet. You can write one! Tags . multilevel; research. The cerebral cortex of Albert Einstein: a description and preliminary analysis of unpublished photographs Dean Falk, Dean Falk 1 1 Department of Anthropology, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306-7772, USA. 2 2 School for Advanced Research, Santa Fe, NM 87505, USA. Search for other works by this author on: Oxford Academic. PubMed. Google Scholar. Frederick E. Lepore, Frederick E. unpublished: Un documento con autor e título, mais non publicado formalmente. Ficheiro de estilo bibliográfico: .bst [ editar | editar a fonte ] Os ficheiros de estilo de BibTeX, que normalmente teñen o prefixo .bst , escríbense nunha linguaxe de programación simple, baseada en pillas, que describe como habería que formatar os elementos da bibliografía MALLET was written by Andrew McCallum, with contributions from several graduate students and staff, including Kedar Bellare, Gaurav Chandalia, Aron Culotta, Gregory Druck, Al Hough, Wei Li, David Mimno, David Pinto, Sameer Singh, Charles Sutton, Jerod Weinman, and Limin Yao, at University of Massachusetts Amherst, as well as contributions from Fernando Pereira, Ryan McDonald, and others at.

Interner Feldname Sichtbarer Feldname Sortiername AccessDate Zuletzt geprüft am Datum des Zugriffs Authors Autor Autor Collaborators Mitarbeiter Mitarbeiter Date Datu is.mpg.d I. Citing References—3 I. CITING REFERENCES A. References in Text References need not be cited in the text. When they are, they appear on the line, in square brackets, inside th ps.is.mpg.d Objective To describe the experiences of authors of Cochrane reviews in searching for, getting access to, and using unpublished data. Design Cross sectional study. Setting Cochrane reviews. Participants 2184 corresponding authors of Cochrane reviews as of May 2012. Main outcome measure Frequencies of responses to open ended and closed questions in an online survey

Published: 2019 März Bemerkung: Beitrag zum Forschungsprojekt: European Cloud Service Data Protection Certification (AUDITOR). Förderkennzeichen BMWi: FKZ 01MT17003 ps.is.tuebingen.mpg.d

ei.is.tue.mpg.d BIBTEX Harvard Standard RIS Vancouver European Eye Epidemiology Consortium (2018). The decreasing prevalence of nonrefractive visual impairment in older Europeans: a meta-analysis of published and unpublished data. OPHTHALMOLOGY, 125(8), 1149-1159. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29548645.

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@unpublished{BagheriThillKochetal., author = {Samineh Bagheri and Markus Thill and Patrick Koch and Wolfgang Konen}, title = {Online Adaptable Learning Rates for the Game Connect-4}, institution = {Fakult{\a}t 10 / Institut f{\u}r Informatik}, series = {CIplus}, number = {3/2014}, abstract = {Das Erlernen von Brettspielen durch Spiele eines Computers gegen sich selbst hat eine lange.

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